For over 20 years, Advanced Smoke Group Ltd has been providing innovative technical solutions in smoke ventilation for both natural and mechanical systems, over the UK and Europe.

Over 600 smoke control projects

We work closely with our distributor partners abroad to assist them with their technical and commissioning work.

This includes car parks, depressurisation and pressurisation systems, as well as other complex, technical specialist smoke ventilation projects.

We have completed and certified over 600 smoke control projects from simple, standard solutions to complex and technical.

Successful and extensive experience

Our portfolio includes public buildings, major shopping centres, substations, high rise multi-occupancy residential developments, commercial buildings and sports and leisure facilities, as well as multi-level underground and enclosed car parks, service yards, loading bays and coach & lorry parks.

With this successful and extensive experience in hand, we are ready to assist you in providing a solution to your project needs.

Association and Affiliations

We are actively involved in the smoke control industry and a member of the British Standards Institution. With respected and known experts in our company, each bring their own individual knowledge and expertise to every one of our projects. Our team is currently involved in committees and working groups, helping to frame and formulate standards within the regulatory and professional bodies.

Promat Approved Durasteel Manufacturer

As one of the few approved companies within the UK able manufacture fire-rated Promat Durasteel ductwork in-house, we are able to provide substantial savings to the traditional fire proof ductwork installations. Durasteel is corrosion resistant, fire proof up to 240 minutes and ideal for install in harsh/ damp environments due to its low absorption of moisture.  Through our in-house workshop, we are able to design and build Durasteel to client specific requirements and project needs. With the addition of 3D modelling, ASG are able to provide a full design, build and install package for your fire rated ductwork needs.

3D Design

We have invested in the latest software to ensure our designs work. High quality fabrication means not just efficient smoke ventilation, but also ease of installation on site which is important when establishing deadlines and co-ordination with other services.

Using the latest in design methods, we can provide drawings and designs to integrate into your project folder. 3D modelling allows us to rotate, fit and examine products and assemblies before they are even fabricated. This eradicates any potential issues before they become a problem.

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