Every car park is provided with a form of ventilation, whether natural, naturally assisted or mechanical.

This ventilation is required to fulfil the two common objectives of day to day ventilation and smoke clearance/control. We are specialists in providing ventilation solutions to every type of car park including commercial, residential, fully or partially enclosed.

Day-to-day Ventilation

The purpose of day to day ventilation is to maintain acceptable day to day air quality throughout the car park. This is achieved by removing unwanted gases and pollutants from the car park, predominantly caused by the exhaust fumes produced by vehicles.

Smoke Clearance and Control

The purpose of smoke clearance and control is to provide a method of clearing smoke from the car park during and after the event of a fire.

Smoke clearance offers a code compliant design solution, where according to the building regulations (Approved document B3) 10 air changes per hour are achieved throughout the car park.

Smoke control offers an engineered solution to allow the efficient control of the flow of smoke. This system is used to restrict and direct the migration of smoke allowing various objectives to be achieved, such as preventing escape routes from being contaminated with untenable smoke and allowing the fire service clear access to the source of a fire

Advanced Smoke Group are well established smoke ventilation experts, consisting of both code compliant and engineered solutions. From consultancy and design to commissioning and maintenance, we are there with you; every step of the way.

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