Advanced Smoke Group are well established smoke ventilation experts, consisting of both code compliant and engineered solutions.


Having successfully installed and commissioned over 600 smoke ventilation solutions, we can find a solution to meet your needs.

The majority of buildings whether residential, commercial or industrial require some form smoke ventilation; the two options available are natural and mechanical.

Natural Ventilation

We offer compliant, natural systems in accordance with Approved Document B that will aid the natural buoyancy of smoke within a communal space, to help maintain tenable conditions during occupant escape and firefighting operations. Dependent on the building this will be via a dedicated smoke shaft or windows opening directly to atmosphere. Natural ventilation is often an option used within atriums and smaller residential buildings.


Mechanical Ventilation

Where the building does not offer itself to natural ventilation, a mechanical approach must be taken. We offer compliant Pressurisation Systems and with the use of our innovative products we can offer space saving solutions as well as ease at commissioning stage.

When required we excel in engineered solutions for Smoke Extraction, which effectively protects the stairwell and prevents the build-up of smoke within the common areas. Whereas others expend valuable space by installing the fans at roof level, ASG often install the fans within shaft, not only saving space but also, being more aesthetically pleasing and discreet.


Day to Day Ventilation

Day to day ventilation is becoming increasingly popular by consultants; by doubling up the use of the smoke ventilation system to provide day to day ventilation, it will likely save cost as well as valued space. The use of daily ventilation will help diminish stale air from within the common corridor, using our controls system we can offer the ability to only the run the daily ventilation system during peak times and switching it off throughout nigh time hours.

From consultancy and design to commissioning and maintenance, we are there with you; every step of the way.


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